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A step above other shops.

     At Shazam Comics and Toys we are here to serve our customers and that means all customers whether you are a long time collector and just looking for that 1000$ key or the 1$ book to fill a random run in your childhood collection of Micronauts.

    We strive to make every single visit that anyone makes to our shop a comfortable and fun experience.  We want kids to have fun and their parents to maybe learn something new about the hobby, or just give an old fan a new place to discuss age old topics within comics and pop culture.







4497 Mountain rd.            Pasadena,MD, 21122

(410) 402-0285

Ebay: Shazamcomicsandtoys


youtube channel: Shazam Comics and Toys

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What we can do for you


We have knowledge of comics from the golden age and pre war era, Atomic, silver, bronze and right on through modern  age and currents.



We are currently only Submiting to CBCS/CGC.  We are an Authorized CBCS witness for shows that we attend.  


We are a drop off location as well as can handle all your CAS submission needs.

retro gaming:

With retro gaming making a huge comeback these last few years in what we like to call the 25 year rule.  Rare games and even common games are becoming more desirable and sought after.  We buy all forms of Cartridge games.


There use several different companies we use for pressing books.  We can examine your books and recommend who should handle your prized possessions, based on multiple factors.


We do free accurate appraisals on your collections.  We will let you know what books would benefit from being graded versus sold ungraded, the best places to sell 1 book, a part of you collection or the whole thing.






           Do you have a collection to sell, one that needs an appraisel?  Question about grading and how it works.  Please let us know by filling out the below form.

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